Fastest apps for international money transfers

When we save time, we save money, but you also need an app that allows you flexibility. Your various sources of funds have to be tapped, as you cannot allow your money to be limited to an e-wallet that earns no interest. You’ll be glad to discover that there is an international money transfer app that enables you to payment transactions from different sources of funds. This remittance app has the power to let you send money using traditional methods, via the instant peer-to-peer transaction, and more.


Use a mobile device

This fast app for international money transfers has ease of use. Unlike those form-filling times, you have the online advantages of being able to key in the payment transaction details. Aside from swift typing in of the necessary information in a user-friendly touch keypad, using a mobile device is safer. The risk of physical keyboards includes keylogging, and that won’t happen in a mobile device.

Gain access to your funds

The fastest apps make you get to pay-with-ease. Funds come from different sources, and you must be able to tap the one that you will use for the remittance on command. It is somewhat naive to expect that all your money will be stored in a prepaid card or those other e-wallets that don’t earn interest. Nowadays, a lot of people do have money in such apps, like Paxum, and they are stuck as the payment system does not allow them to gain from the stored funds.

Stored money

Stored money in banking institutions does earn interest. The value goes up with deposits through time. If the currency is one that is usually exchanged, the amount may also go up because of the rate. If you are using an e-wallet, if it is in US dollars, the amount in it will be higher if the exchange rate goes up.

Access your accounts

It is a practical decision to store your funds in other places aside from e-wallets. But, most of the fastest apps for international money transfers limit your access to funds coming from other resources. You need an app that will enable you to get access to the money from various sources such as your bank accounts and credit cards. Apps usually only the stored value in that company’s e-wallet.

Be linked

The capacity to link to the international banking transfer systems such as the SWIFT network is not possible with many of the popular money transfer apps. You might think that you are on top of the situation as you can make instant mobile payments internationally with the use of the top e-wallets. Still, you may not realize that your funds are stuck, as withdrawal methods take a while, and it is difficult to funds those online payment apps unless it comes in from other people using the same company.

Reliable reputation

The fastest app for international money transfers provides you with flexibility. This app is that of a money services company that has a reliable reputation as it is linked to the banking institutions that belong to the SWIFT network. You also can send money via wire transfers or using the no-cost option of sending funds using the instant P2P transfer method.